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I tend to have long-term client relationships. I like the people I work with, and they appreciate the value I bring to the team.

"Cheryl is not only an outstanding writer but also a marketing and messaging master. She helped DH2i overhaul its entire messaging platform, including most of our web copy, resulting in a measurable boost in website traffic, lead generation, and new customers. Cheryl is incredibly adept at taking very technical product information and transforming it into compelling, consumable copy without it losing its credibility with a very technical audience. Cheryl is not just a writer and messaging expert—she is skilled in overall sales and marketing strategy."

Connor Cox, Director of Business Development, DH2i

“From the first words out of her mouth, it was clear [Cheryl’s] business acumen, marketing prowess, and razor sharp, contemporary writing skills were not only going to help us get the project done on time, but also elevate the end result. Cheryl at the front of any marketing team or project will deliver thinking and execution that is bar-raising, clever, on time and on budget – and add an element of pure fun to the team in the process. Cheryl is a five-star add to any marketing mix."

Kerry Desberg, Marketing Director, Impartner

“I have worked with Cheryl for over 4 years and see her as a crucial extension of our marketing team. Her skills go beyond writing as she provides a high level of strategic insight and in-depth understanding of complex healthcare concepts and products. Plus, she is also just fun to work with.” 

Erin Olsen, WebMD Health Services

“Cheryl is one of the most intelligent writers I have ever met—and versatile. Her writing is always compelling, accurate and on target, whether it’s PR for a technology company, technical documentation, marketing materials or fiction for young people. Cheryl is also a joy to work with on any project. She’s professional, highly organized and methodical, yet always has that extra creative spark that elevates work to a higher level.” 

Aliza Earnshaw, Puppet Labs

“What I have appreciated most with respect to working with Cheryl is her immense business savvy. No matter what project we’re working on, she brings a perspective that takes the end product to a higher level. Her ability to grasp complex concepts and understand the business need has been a tremendous benefit in terms of the amount of time I often spend with other vendors getting them up to speed on the project at hand.” 

Dawna Peterson, WebMD Health Services

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